History of Namik Paul, Television Actor

Namik Paul is a Hindi television actor. He is best known for playing Raja of Rajasthan in Hindi movie Ek Duje Ke Vaase, Shravan Malhotra from Ek Deewana Thay, Yashpal Badal from Ek Deewana Thay, Gopal tokar from Ek Kharidar Thal and Anjana in Kavach. He has also been featured in various TV serials including Raavanan (1967), Kaifika (1970), Mughal Prince (1971), Aaj Tak (1972), Mahabaleshwar (1973) and Kaikinu (1973).

Known for his roles in the popular TV serials, Namik Paul was born on 4th August, 1930 at Kumarakom in Tamil Nadu in India. He was adopted by an English family at the age of two who later adopted him as their own child.

He started acting when he was about twelve years of age and this continued till he was eighteen years of age. Though he did not have the success that he wanted in his early stage of acting, he continued to act till he was thirty-eight years old. After this he went on to study theatre at a college in Chennai where he studied theatre.

In his later years, Namik Paul had a major role in movies like Raavanan, Saathi and Aajaazm. In his role as Raja of Rajasthan in the Hindi movie Ek Duje Ke Vaase, he played the role of a strong ruler who seeks to establish his authority in a corrupt and feudal society. In the film, he played the part of a leader who was defeated by the people and the corrupt ruling class.

Another notable role that he had in his later years was that of the father in an episode of Kuchiki in Tamil TV series that aired on Tamil channel PTK. The episode was called "Pravar"Descent". There was no female protagonist in this episode but a male lead named Pravasai was played by Namik Paul and the episode dealt with a plot against a tribal king by the king's daughter.

In this Indian movie, he played the role of a strong leader and was shown as someone who is respected in the Indian industry. He was also able to portray a powerful role and managed to command the audience to respect him. Though he did not get much success in Hindi films during this time, he was able to break through in the national Hindi movie scene.

However, the biggest change that Namik Paul made was his turn to Tamil TV serials. In the last ten years of his life, he was seen in some of the most successful Tamil TV serials as well. He was seen in a number of serials and his performances were very popular in the national Tamil cinema.

Namik Paul is remembered as a great Tamil television actor and his work in these serials can be attributed to his strength of character and his ability to act. This is what helped him become a successful actor of national stature.


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